Veterinary Visionaries
Storytelling Event

February 14 - March 7, 2023

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The first 200 qualified submissions will receive a $10 PetSmart Veterinary Services gift card, and all will be entered into a drawing for $250 and an Eeyore Pet Pillow, thanks to CareCredit.

It’s all about the love — for the animals, the work, the people, and the profession.
It’s time your voice is heard.


Employee retention is an issue too big to ignore. It’s more than people leaving their jobs. They’re leaving the profession. The dismal stats aren’t effecting change. That’s why we need to humanize the data to better understand what’s at the heart of the angst.

How do we get people who fell out of love with the profession to fall back in love...and stay?

That’s the big solve for the Veterinary Visionaries 2023 Solving Spring Event generously supported by CareCredit. And now, it’s happening through stories

Communicating from the heart.

You and your team will be asked to share your stories about what made you fall in love, stay in love, or fall out of love with veterinary medicine. Then, you’ll be asked what could have been done to solve your issues — or make your love even stronger.


A love letter to the profession.

The ultimate deliverable will be a compilation of content available to leaders  everywhere. Emotionally charged and passionate, the hope is that these stories will intensely elevate awareness, inspire change, and reverse the employee satisfaction and retention trend.

Garth Jordan, CEO, American Animal Hospital Association

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A profession-wide solution space.

Veterinary Visionaries®, a collaborative effort of leading veterinary organizations working together to solve the profession’s biggest challenges, created its first crowdsourced solving campaign in May 2022.

This pilot event — generously supported by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, CareCredit, and IDEXX — addressed pervasive and rapidly growing issues among veterinary teams — mental health, psychological wellbeing, and suicide prevention.

A panel of mental health and veterinary professionals reviewed all submissions and ranked each based on systemic impact, evidence based approach, feasibility, sustainability, and reach. A Solution Squad is hard at work creating an implementation plan based on the winning idea that will be provided to the entire profession in Fall 2023.