Let’s get these
BIG Ideas
into ACTION!

How will we, TOGETHER, make a seismic shift in our profession?

Here’s how. Because of your efforts and those of your colleagues, BIG ideas have been submitted to answer the Spring Solving Event’s BIG question about mental health and psychological wellbeing. Minds have been opened. Barriers have been broken. Solving TOGETHER has been established. Now it’s time for the next step.

Once the BIG systemic idea has been selected by the Evaluators, a Solutions Squad will be convened to move that idea into action. If the BIG idea involves an academic solution, colleges and universities will be involved. If the BIG idea means change at the veterinary practice level, practice managers will be called upon to devise an implementation plan. And if the BIG idea speaks to legislation, national policymakers will be recruited to create the plan that YOU can make happen.

As soon as the Solutions Squad is identified, their names can be found here.